The new skin-care protection Buzz the world and skin experts always used to say that there were only two golden rules to great-looking skin – daily cleansing and protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. That’s still true – but now we know that too much cleansing can be as bad as none and that the environment is more dangerous than we thought.

Leading the trend in the research field is the search for ways to protect our skins from the effects of urban air – a chemical mix from the toxic gasses, heavy metals and other particles spewed out by vehicle engines, mines and industrial plants, and the polluted indoor environments in many shops and offices. These include lead, mercury, hydrochloric acid, sulphur and ammonia.

The effects are being seen daily, in the skin that is more sensitive, more vulnerable to reddening, inflammation and sunburn and more likely to develop dark spots and hyper-pigmentation, and eventually melanoma.

In the search for better protection nature leads the way, with various extracts from natural sources headlining an array of new “daily protection” and “environmental shield” skin creams, launched by major beauty houses (often with a hefty price tag too).

At Bio-Active Rooibos, we are there already. Our own indigenous rooibos is packed with antioxidants, phenols and minerals which act as a daily “bodyguard”. Rooibos has been used for centuries to protect and heal skin in the harshest of African climates. Our Bio-Active Rooibos is made from fresh, unfermented or green rooibos to capture the highest possible levels of these protective antioxidants.

In Advantage Intensive Day Cream SPF, the power of rooibos is combined with an international anti-ageing complex of plant extracts, called Pronalen Bio-Protect, specifically designed to offer environmental protection. This bounty from nature contains extracts of apple, peach, ginseng, wheat and barley. Its three-way action blocks heavy metals, protects and stabilizes cellular membranes, stimulates circulation and acts against free radicals.

Add this to the protective effect of Bio-Active Rooibos, and an SPF 15 and you have effective daily protection and long-lasting skin comfort in a jar.